We would be honored to meet your child's preschool needs this year.  We're very excited to share our creativity, our love of children, and our desire to give your child an opportunity to learn academic skills in a fun-filled, relaxed atmosphere.  For early learning to take root, activities need to be age appropriate and hands on to allow for the various learning styles.  Each child is unique with their own sense of accomplishment, and we promote that sense of accomplishment by surrounding them with activities and goals that are not only fulfilling and wonderful, but attainable as well.

Our teacher-student ratio guarantees the attention young children need and crave.  Our teachers are experienced in the classroom and have a keen understanding of the developmental characteristics of preschool-age children.  We encourage and support the growth of the "whole child"....emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.  Following Bright From The Start curriculum guidelines for child development, we offer age-appropriate, fun-filled activities planned daily to keep your child a happy "Busy Bee"!  Our schedule allows for daily outside play and nature-enhancing activities, exercise, music and movement, healthy snacks, creative and artistic self expression in art and drama, and reading of favorite and theme-centered books. 

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At the BeeHive, we give each child the opportunity to learn about themselves and their place in the world around them.  As we provide them with a loving and nurturing environment, we see them become good and caring friends.  We do not believe in pushing to excel mentally or competitively, but rather we embrace what we believe to be success in the future by giving them quality time, nurturing, and acceptance to help them grow into the wonderful and unique little people they were created to be!

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