BeeHive Preschool offers:

Dance/Movement classes are available for an additional fee of $35.00 a month.

​Yoga instruction class is available for an additional fee of $35.00 a month.

Pizza Fridays at a cost of $2.50 a slice.

Stay and Play 1:00 to 2:30 for an additional fee of $12.00 per session. Day of week TBA.

​Introduction to Spanish is included as part of our curriculum.

All parents of registered children will receive a parent handbook, yearly themed curriculum, calendar and snack list.

We follow Columbia County public school holiday and break schedules.

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BeeHive Preschool

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The Bee Hive Preschool has a teaching philosophy based on an unhurried program which promotes interest and excitement regarding learning.  We believe that art is integral to critical thinking and that each child will learn at his or her own pace when provided ample opportunities to learn. Our focus is on simply letting a child be the child he/she is meant to be.  We incorporate several different curriculums in our early learning program.  We embrace the Montessori learning theories, using those materials as inspiration for all of our learning activities.

The Bee Hive Preschool is a non-sectarian school which celebrates diversity and is open to all.  We are located inside the Augusta Jewish Community Center at 898 Weinberger Way, Evans, GA, 30809.

Classroom space is divided into several centers all designed to encourage the child's natural desire to learn.  All learning activities are based on our foundational belief that the process of art allows them, not only to develop early learning skills, but have a hands-on and creative method to do so; we are convinced that this process excites children to develop a desire to acquire necessary skills for later academic learning.


I am not built to

sit still

keep my hands to myself

take turns

be patient

stand in line

or keep quiet

all of the time.

I need




and to

engage the world with my whole body